We've now entered into the world of Road Tubeless. Our new EVO3 is a state-of-the-art road tire that brings the advantages of tubeless to our road tire range. In addition to the regular advantages of tubeless tires, we've brought our own proprietary tech to this EVO3 tire.


It's our own proprietary bead material that replaces the normal carbon bead material on tubeless tires. Carbon beads can be prone to damage and difficult to install. Our new ProBead resists stretching and damage and insures an excellent seal.

This is a completely new puncture protection material. Not only is the material more resistant to punctures AND lighter, it's incorporated directly into the tread layer. ProTite is also 25% more puncture resistant that our previous PT Shield and Belt. A huge step up in protection.

ZSG DUAL Compound
Sticky for the turns and harder in the center. You’ll find it on the tires used in the grand tours, classics and Pro-Tour events. ZSG Dual Compound delivers the best of both worlds in tire performance.

You might not be aware, but the benefits of Tubeless tires are significant. Some of those benefits are as follows:

  1. No more pinch flats
  2. Safety—tire stays on the rim if punctured.
  3. Less punctures and tires will self-repair small 1-2mm punctures when used with sealant.
  4. The EVO3 can be used with or without sealant
  5. Lightweight: when tubeless tires are compared to a similar tire and tube.

In the North American market, the EVO3 Tubeless tires can be purchased exclusively at Excel Sports.