We've reconfigured the EVO tire with a new and improved puncture barrier and ZSG Dual compound. It's a high-performance tire that's available in three models.
RACE L - The lightest and fastest version
RACE A - The all-around and all-weather model
RACE D - For longevity—the longest wearing and heaviest of the three models.

This is a completely new puncture protection material. Not only is the material more resistant to punctures AND lighter, it's incorporated directly into the tread layer. ProTite is also 25% more puncture resistant than our PT Shield and Belt in previous models. A huge step up in protection.

ZSG DUAL Compound
Sticky for the turns and harder in the center. You’ll find it on the tires used in the grand tours, classics and Pro-Tour events. ZSG Dual Compound delivers the best of both worlds in tire performance.

In the American market, the EVO3 Tubeless tires can be purchased exclusively at Excel Sports.