Panaracer Tires Partners with GIANT Racing to compete in US Criterium calendar

Panaracer Tires will be the official sponsor of GIANT racing in 2016, providing training and racing tires to the North American team. Focussing on nurturing talent and giving up and coming riders a supportive environment in the nation's toughest Criteriums, the GIANT racing team will train and race on a variety of Panaracer clincher, tubeless and tubular options. 

Lead by defending National Elite Criterium Champion – Daniel “Hollywood” Holloway – the team includes veterans with professional experience mixed with younger talent that should make 2016 a wild ride for followers and fans. 

Panaracer will provide the team with tires from the brand new EVO3 range. The Race D EVO3 tires will be used for training duties, and Race A EVO3 tubulars for racing needs. Daniel Holloway was enthusiastic about racing aboard Panaracer Tires, and happy with their performance in training, "Panaracer tires have been over achieving so far in training. With upcoming racing we anticipate the tires to perform above expectations."

Panaracer Tires have been producing high quality tires in their own factory since 1953. The partnership with GIANT Racing in 2016 gives the company an opportunity to showcase their racing products under some of the fastest riders in the United States. 

GIANT racing and Panaracer will work on research and development in 2016

“We have a lot of new goals and races we expect to be on the podium at this year. I saw a lot of progression from some of the younger guys I raced with last year, specifically Mac and Nate. I look forward to seeing these guys take another step or 3 as we aim to be very competitive again this year. Merging with the core athletes from GIANT’s initial grassroots program not only should allow us to control the whole peloton, but it adds to our ability to win solo or from a breakaway” commented Daniel when asked about 2016 and the merge with GIANT.