Panaracer releases New EVO3 Tubeless Road Tires. Available Now!

With a relentless pursuit of quality, Panaracer is proud to release the new EVO3 Tubeless range of tires. Our engineers have spent the past two years transferring the unparalleled ride quality that Panaracer is known for into a tire that will withstand the demands of even the toughest roads. The new Road Tubeless offerings from Panaracer continue our 50-year commitment to producing only the highest quality tires.

The ProBead tubeless specific bead was designed from the ground up to the tightest tolerances used in the cycling industry. With the consequences on the line, Panaracer engineers started from scratch to ensure their design and implement of a tubeless system goes above and beyond what is found on competing tires. A large concern for the engineers is what would happen in the event of a flat tire. Ensuring the bead stayed in place even when the tire was completely deflated adds an extra level of security to the system. Using a proprietary carbon-based bead the EVO3 Tubeless tires optimize safety, with no degradation of performance.

In bringing the EVO3 Tubeless tires to the market, Panaracer Brand Manager Jeff Zell is pleased with the results after years of hard work,  

“The new EVO3 Race series is handcrafted in Japan using our fifty years of tire making experience and a dedicated team of riders who also happen to be engineers. Knowing what riders want and need and then developing proprietary materials to deliver performance and durability not see in road tires before is what Panaracer is all about.”

Taking Panaracer's proprietary All Contact shape and profile, The Race A EVO3 Tubeless is a product of innovative and proven technology. The concept behind All Contact is simple: no matter how far you lean your bike through corners, the tire will respond with optimal grip and rolling resistance. This will get you out of the next bend safely and faster than the competition. The All Contact design works in tandem with Panaracer's ZSG dual compound tread. With ZSG, the center tread is a harder diameter for less resistance and faster rolling while the sides of the tire are a softer and more flexible compound for grip.

The Race A Evo3 Tubeless is a pure-bred race tire with proprietary bead technology

The Race A Evo3 Tubeless is a pure-bred race tire with proprietary bead technology

As far as durability is concerned, the Panaracer ProTight belt is what keeps these tires from flatting. ProTight is a soft woven belt that offers the ultimate protection by keeping road debris from penetrating the supple casing. The finely woven belt is so supple and compliant that is it has no negative impact on the ride quality. The Race A EVO3 Tubeless features Panaracer's supple AX casing. The casing's composition features soft and flexible fibers that are strong enough for durability and handle high tire pressures, but still conform to varied and uneven surfaces. This flexibility and suppleness results in maximized grip, comfort and a certain surefooted feel in corners.

The new EVO3 Tubeless tires will be available in a huge range of models and sizes.