T-SERV Protite

Urban Commuting Touring

T-Serv ProTite is a great performance tire for urban city use, incorporating ZSG compound, 400D Lite Extra Cord, and PT puncture resistant technologies. Hands down, T-Serv PT is the best urban strength to weight ratio tire on the market today. Need to get through your urban jungle quickly and reliably? T-Serv PT is the answer.

700 x 25c Aramid 25-622 66 260g.
700 x 28c Aramid 28-622 66 270g.
700 x 32c Aramid 32-622 66 350g.
700 x 35c Aramid 35-622 66 440g.
26 x 1.25 Aramid 32-559 66 240g.
26 x 1.50 Aramid 38-559 66 400g.
26 x 1.75 Aramid 42-559 66 450g.
Available colors

Available colors

T-Serv PT Tech

Excellent urban or touring tire with 400D Lite Extra casing cord for a supple and responsive ride. PT Shield for puncture protection and ZSG Natural Compound for excellent all-weather performance.