Tube line-up

Accessory line-up


3D (Double Dipped Duro) Casing

This incredibly strong casing is layered in a 3-Dimensional configuration to provide great road feel while protecting you from objects that may cut your tires.

Anti-Flat Casing

Anti-puncture reinforcement throughout the tire strengthens resistance to cuts and pinch flats.

Active Guard

Active Guard is DH protection technology. We take a heavy duty 4-ply casing and a bead filler and ASB chafer to make an strong sidewall that can be run at low PSI without risk of blowing off or getting cut or punctured.

ZSG Active EVO Compound

This compound is very sticky and at the same time quite flexible, hence the name. Compared to other ZSG Compounds, Active is a softer compound, but still very durable.

ZSG Combo Compound

This compound is specially formulated compound that gives you unparalleled grip and improved durability than other sticky compounds through a unique two in one layered compound tires stick without wear.

ZSG Dual Compound

Sticky for the turns and harder in the center. You’ll find it on the tires used in the grand tours, classics and Pro-Tour events. ZSG Dual Compound delivers the best of both worlds in tire performance.

ZSG Ultima Compound

ZSG Ultima Compound provides incredible grip in wet or dry road conditions and superior handling performance.

ZSG Natural Compound

This compound has the same low rolling resistance as the premium compound. Its enhanced wear resistance makes it perfect for a long lasting training tire with an excellent ride.

Dual Compound

Special compound developed for tubulars and pro racers. Dual Compound is similar to ZSG Dual in concept. Harder in the center for wear and efficiency and grippier on the sides.

Mile Cruncher Compound

Long wearing compound. More durable than our other compounds yet without the harsh ride of other competitor’s hard compounds, Mile Cruncher will roll the miles beneath you as you enjoy the ride.

Silica Compound

Adding Silica Compounds to tire treads vastly improves tire life, durability and grip. Depending on the use of the tire, varying amounts of Silica are added to balance tire wear and performance.

Air Flex Lite Butyl Compound

We use this proprietary compound in our butyl tubes to enhance butyl’s natural benefits. The result is a tube that has the best balance of weight to strength while providing an exceptional road feel.

Advanced Extra Alpha Cord

AX technology uses extremely narrow cord which is weaved at a super high density into the casing for lightness and flexibility. This increased density improves resistance to cuts and abrasions.

800D Strong Cord

800D polyamide cord is nearly twice as strong as the cord used in conventional tires. It improves rigidity, pinch flat and side cut protection. This casing reinforcement helps protect the tube from punctures.

400D Lite Extra Cord

400D Cord technology increases side-cut resistance of our tires while improving the rigidity during cornering. This casing reinforcement helps protect the tube from punctures without adding weight to the tire.

ProTite Shield

By using a special combination of high modulus yarn with proprietary epoxies we’ve developed a material that is over 24% more puncture resistant than our previous PT material. ProTite Shield is bead to bead all protection by this material.

ProTite Belt

ProTite Belt offers the same great puncture protection that ProTite Shield offers. The difference is that whereas ProTite Shield is bead to bead protection, ProTite Belt is placed under the tread.

PR (Puncture Resistant) Shield

A structure that increases puncture resistance by using nylon taffeta to form a complete shield.

PR (Puncture Resistant) Belt

PR Belt is a puncture resistant belt placed under the tread. It is lightweight and uses a strong fiber composition to achieve its puncture resistance capabilities.

PR (Puncture Resistant) Wall

A nylon taffeta fabric is used on the sides to increase puncture resistance. PR Wall helps stop sidewall cuts and punctures.

Tough Lock Rubber Belt

The super thick tread and colored inner layer of the TourGaurd Plus combines the best in puncture protection and great riding performance.

Tour Guard Anti-Puncture Aramid Belt

Tourguard is an Aramid fiber belt placed under the tread to improve puncture resistance without increasing tire weight or sacrificing performance.

Anti Snake Bite Chafer

When you see the ASB logo, it means that the tire has a proprietary anti-rebound rubber strip by the bead that reduces the chance of pinch flats by an average of 40 percent!

All Contact Tread Shape

The shape of the profile has been optimized to obtain maximum grip performance from the compound.

Multi-Step Knob

Multi-Step knobs have various heights molded into each knob. Stepped knobs help tires to perform in a multitude of conditions from hard to soft. Short big knobs are designed to provide an excellent ride.

3D Knob

3D Knobs are designed to perform multi-directionally located on the tire sides. They are positioned in multiple directions to help maintain traction and durability while riding cranked over on the side knobs.

Reflective Tape

Reflective Tape upgrade is a reflective stripe that is applied to the sidewall of the tire to make cyclists more visible from the side while cycling at dusk or night.



Tubular Tire

A tire that is stitched closed around the inner tube

Triple Compound

High grip performance to withstand the demands of intense Enduro racing and riding. The base compound, then two other soft compounds are used on the center and side portion, delivering optimum grip every twist and turn.

Anti-Flat Plus

Reduces the risk of punctures at all speeds by reinforcing the tire at critical areas like at the bead where pinch flats can easily occur.