11 / April 2017

Clarification on sizing and New Size Indicators for 700x40c GravelKing

Panaracer will be making every effort to explain our sizing criteria for tires, starting with the 700x40c GravelKing SK. Based on extensive research over the last year and feedback from sponsored riders, consumers, and our internal testing, we’ve discovered the rim trend is getting wider and wider. When Panaracer initially developed our 700x40c size, the popular rim was not as wide as the current trend. In that time the rim/wheel market has expanded significantly where there is no true standard any longer.  This, combined with wildly varying inner pressures being used for a variety of riding conditions has led us to base our measurements using the attached chart and releasing this publicly so everyone can better understand what range of widths they may see when using Panaracer tires. Panaracer has not changed the specifications of any tires, but based on our findings the mold mark and hotpatch will be changed as follows:
Current indication         New indication
700x40c (40-622)  --> 700x43c (43-622)
Product code
RF740-GKSK-B  -->  RF743-GKSK-B  (Black)
RF740-GKSK-D  -->  RF743-GKSK-D  (Black/Brown sidewall)
Barcode number
RF740-GKSK-B : #4931253012808  -->  RF743-GKSK-B : #4931253016677
RF740-GKSK-D : #4931253016097  -->  RF743-GKSK-D : #4931253016684
This will begin from 2017 April.
The example for tire width correlation with rim width and inner pressure.

*Tire width can vary slightly in production.